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Floating Market

25 Jul 2016

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Muara Kuin Floating Market is a traditional market which is above Barito river in Kuin river estuary, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. The sellers and buyers use jukung, jukung is a boat in Banjar language. This market started after Subuh prayer until after 07:00 am. Sunrise reflected light between the transaction of vegetables and garden products from the villages along the Barito River and its rivulets.

The ambiance and market activities

By watching its panorama, the tourists feel they were on vacation. Jukungs with full vegetables, fruits, all kinds of fish and various household needs are available in the floating market. When the sun started to move, the market is gradually deserted, the traders began to leave the floating market brings results obtained with satisfaction.

The ambiance of unique and typical floating market is jostling between large and small boats each other looking for buyers and sellers who are always milling and is always swerved played Barito river waves. Floating market does not have an organization like a market on the land, so it is not recorded how many traders and visitors or distribution of traders based on goods. The female traders boating sell her own products or her neighbors’ products are called dukuh, while the second hand who purchases from dukuh for sale again are called panyambangan. The special feature of this market is still barter transactions between traders boating, which in Banjar language is called bapanduk, something unique and rare.

Foto : Rudy