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03 Jun 2014

Syamsudin Noor Airport Handed The Dismantled Of Relinquished Building

Banjarbaru - Syamsudin Noor Airport (2/6) conducted a handover of the dismantle of building of relinquished land for new airport to the previous owners in conference room of PT Angkasa Pura I. Among 174 building owners who have been released, there are 89 people who have filed a written request for demolition and 61 people have officially done the handover of the demolished building of the relinquished land by PT Angkasa Pura I Syamsudin Noor. Stated by The General Manager...

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30 Apr 2014

Syamsudin Noor Airport Distributed Budget Loan of Partnership Program Batch I

Banjarbaru – PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) Syamsudin Noor Airport Banjarmasin, Thursday ...

25 Apr 2014

Mitra Binaan Bandara Syamsudin Noor Ikut Serta Dalam Ajang Pameran

Banjarbaru -Kamis (24/4) KUMKN Kota Banjarbaru di Jl Trikora diresmikan bersamaan dengan launch...

17 Apr 2014

Safety Management System - Safety Assessment, Safety Culture di Bandara Syamsudin Noor Banjarmasin

Banjarbaru - Kamis (17/4) Bandara Syamsudin Noor melaksanakan Sosial...

27 Feb 2014

Area Sterilization of Syamsudin Noor Airport

Banjarbaru-Tuesday (25/2) the integrated team from some instances held area sterilization’...

21 Feb 2014

The 50th Anniversary Commemoration of Angkasa Pura Airports

The 50th Anniversary Commemoration of Angkasa Pura Airports was held...

20 Feb 2014

Coffee Morning of Forkopimda in Syamsudin Noor Airport

Banjarbaru- On February 18, 2014, Syamsudin Noor Airport held an ev...